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Vitrine Designs Handmade JewelryCandice D'Mello worked at several multinational fintech firms in
Toronto before deciding  to pursue a lifelong dream in
doing something creative. Obsessed with color and a love of gemstones,
she chose to go into jewelry design. Completely self-taught, she
launched her shop, Vitrine, in 2008 to offer modern contemporary
pieces using colorful raw and polished gemstones with quality
materials. Her minimalist designs use wire-wrapping techniques and
hammered metal.

To Candice, jewelry is more than just an accessory. Jewelry has the
ability to inspire confidence or lift the mood, or even heal. And it's
something that can become an heirloom if loved enough to be passed

Her work has been sold in 30 countries to date, through boutiques,
festivals and online, and has been worn on popular TV shows,
Hollywood celebrities and influencers worldwide.